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Kaylee and Adam Klause Honeymoon

Since we entered our relationship with a backpacking vacation to a country we do not speak the language, in sweltering heat and travelling related illnesses we feel the best place to start the next chapter as husband and wife is in Ecuador! Over the 3-6 weeks we will be making our way from Ecuador to the Galapagos Island, potentially including Colombia. With the generous gifts from our friends and family we will be able to fully immerse ourselves in the local culture and beautiful scenery.

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The average flight time from Edmonton to Ecuador is 14 hours with a couple lay overs. The gifts we receive from this section will be used to travel to and from Ecuador and between other cities during our trip.

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Travel Luggage
A travel backpack makes moving around much easier vs luggage. In order to find the proper fit Kaylee will be going to Campers village to be measured. This ensures Adam is hauling around both his and hers belongings.

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Spanish lessons
Spanish lessons
Being able to speak the primary language of the countries we are visiting will make our trip much more enjoyable. We plan on enrolling in spanish lessons to communicate with locals.

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