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Hushed Honeymoon

Hushed Honeymoon  - Honeymoon registry Shhhhh.... It's a secret. Since Thomas & I (Sam) already have the beginnings of a complete household, we are asking friends and family who wish to give a gift to instead contribute towards our honeymoon fund.

Thomas is carrying the bulk of the wedding planning, so I have decided to plan the honeymoon. And since Thomas claims to be difficult to surprise, this is the perfect opportunity to try and put that to the test. I will be making all of the arrangements (have already booked flights) and am giving him a range of climates to pack for to throw him off the scent, but Thomas won't know where we are going till we arrive at the gate for our flight. With a bit of luck (and assistance from the airline crew as it might be a bit odd to let someone board a plane blindfolded), he might not even know the destination till he gets to his seat and the captain makes the announcement.

So while I'm sorry to be vague, for now all I can say is that this will be an unforgettable trip and I can't wait to share the surprised looks on his face with all of you through numerous instagram selfies (at least from Thomas) and facebook posts.

Thank you in advance for anything you contribute towards our new adventure together!

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