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Epic Honeymoon

Since we each have our own homes that we are in the process of consolidating, we have a lot of the "essential" home items an engaged couple needs. Blair and I can't help but to specially cherish the experiences we share together. It is for these reasons (and for the multitude of memories we're sure to accrue) that we have decided to include a honeymoon registry for our wedding.

We hope you find this registry as a way to help us make our perfect honeymoon come true! We greatly appreciate and will fondly remember these gifts for years to come. After all, the memories from this honeymoon will last us a lifetime (which we will be sure to make last at least the next 100 years or so)!

We'll do our best to document our experience via photo/video and include it in your much-deserved "thank you" note.

We wanted our first trip as man and wife to be a destination that neither one of us had been to before. Furthermore, we decided that if we were going to go, we were going to go as far away as desirable and set up shop for an extended period of time!

Thus, New Zealand, with its' beaches, glaciers, mountains and rolling hills (complete with sheep!) is the ideal place for us. We are certain to enjoy the food, wine and Kiwi culture while we traipse about the countryside. Our adventuresome side will be seeking out glaciers to climb, caves to dive into and forest tops to skim from a precariously hung zipline.

We will relax on Moorea for 6 days. We can't wait to take an ATV tour, snorkel in the coral reefs, dine in fantastic restaurants, taste the local fare at smaller caf├ęs, immerse ourselves in Tahitian culture, and perhaps shop for a black pearl (or two). Compared to Bora Bora, Moorea has more to explore on the island itself, so we will rent a car or scooter and tour the entire island, visiting gorgeous beaches with warm, clear water.

After 6 adventurous days on Moorea, we head over to Bora Bora for 8 days of relaxation and romance. We are so lucky to be staying at the Intercontinental Thalasso Resort and Spa! Even better, we have booked an overwater bungalow! The Thalasso is an eco-friendly resort and is the first hotel in the world to use deep sea water to operate the air conditioning system, which helps conserve energy. Deep sea water (water from 3000 feet deep in the ocean) is loaded with "good for you" minerals and is also used in their famous spa. On Bora Bora, we will take jet ski tour of the island, feed stingrays and black tip sharks, explore a reef full of marine life, kayak, float in the ocean and enjoy amazing cuisine! October is right in the middle of humpback whale season. We dearly hope to see some of these majestic creatures in the wild, along with spinner dolphins.

During our entire trip, we will be taking photos to show our friends and family when we return.

We are so thrilled to be fulfilling this dream of ours after we've vowed to love and care for one another for the rest of our lives. What an amazing start to our marriage!

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