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Tanzania/Mount Kilimanjaro

Cory and I have decided that a Honeymoon should be more than just a trip, we wanted it to be an accomplishment in our life. Therefore, we have decided to fly to Tanzania and climb Mount Kilimanjaro, complete a safari and then end our honeymoon on the beautiful beaches of Zanzibar. As most of you know, Cory and I both love challenging each other, and ourselves. Whether it is a simple "monthly challenge", a triathlon, or an experience across the world, we are always up for it!

Why Mount Kilimanjaro you might ask? Well, this is the tallest mountain in Africa, making it one of the seven summits of the world. It is also the worlds tallest free standing mountain. Only half of the people who climb this mountain succeed (not due to deaths, but because of altitude sickness). Cory and I cannot wait to attempt this challenge together, as a new married couple!

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